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Any Suggestions?

by Tina Lynn on 05/19/12

What type of Infomation would you like to see when you are viewing a print that is available for trade or sell?

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1. Tereasa Davis said on 5/19/12 - 04:47PM
I love this idea of print trade! I would like to be able to communicate with other members and see what we have to swap, so not only do we want to trade off what we have but also make trades to get more of what we have posted. In example, I have 4 angel prints posted and would like to use them if someone has more of them and we can trade for something else I have they may want. That can be discussed by email.
2. barbara cross said on 5/6/13 - 11:27AM
Hi everybody Just letting you know we had a wonderful time in Florida.I was just talking to Andrea and she is getting my order ready to ship and I am so looking forward to getting it.It is so much better seeing them there than online.It makes you buy more though and that's ok.I also learned techniques to take home with me and those are the following.Thank you to Tina for finding that book on making water which we will experimenting with as soon as we get time.I"d like to thank Marilyn for the tip on cutting out windows and for her great sense of humour along with Gwen and Jill, never a dull moment with those girls around.Thank you Agnes for showing your beautiful flowers that you made up using the painted paper and the rope wire.To Nona thank you for showing me how to use the gold foil and for being so pleasant.Andrea thank you for showing us how you textured backgrounds.All in all I enjoyed working with everyone, such a great group.As you can tell I'm not very busy today which is good otherwise Iwouldn"t get this done.I hope everyone can take the time to just write about anything.I have to tell you I came home the day our weather changed for the better.We brought the Florida sunshine with us.and many good memories. take care
3. Tina said on 5/10/13 - 12:58PM
Thank you Barbara for you comments. I had a great time at the seminar. I have been working on my large tree's. I also made bark using tissue paper. It turned out great. I will get pictures out soon.

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